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The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Department of Technology provides high quality graduates in who can easily adopt work related environment in the market. Department of Technology with its primary motive of providing quality education to the budding youth and under privileged which in turn would translate into service to the humanity in general and to the society in particular.  We pay a great deal of attention to our academic excellence and cultural ethos which include constant updating of details, continuous evaluation and improvement of systems and students and provision of a team with excellent faculty in a congenial academic environment. We strive hard to train and equip our students to get placed in top notch corporate and business units by honing, transforming and tapping the latent potential and talent dormant in them.  It had always been my dream to build a conglomerate of institutions for quality, innovation and excellence and create graduates with knowledge and competence that can help script success stories; create those who strive not just for survival but excel.  As a major in Electronics Technology, it is my vision and mission to help student learn more of technology in the different field and be able to help industries and other work places that require technology expertise.

We look forward to your joining in this wonderful experience as a student, alumni, advisory board member and corporate sponsor to be our partner.

Department Chairman

Ph.D. TM Electronics. Technological University of the Philippines
MTTE,-Electronics. Technological University of the Philippines
BSIE _ Electronics. Guzman Institute of  Technology
AB HPR, Adventist University  of the Philippines

drjrole@yahoo.com   drjrole@gmail.com  drjrole@ueab.ac.ke
Webpage: http://www.roletech.net

In-charge Electronics Area

M.Sc., Electronics University of Applied Sciences, Westfalia, Germany
B.S.T.,Electronics, University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton

Automotive Body Building

M.Phil, Technology Education,  Moi University (in Progress)
B.T.Automotive, University Of Eastern Africa Baraton.

In-charge Engineering Mathematics

Msc. Engineering Management,  Liceo de Cagayan University, Philippines
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Misamis Institute of Technology Philippines
Contact: 0703412603
email: siglos7@yahoo.com

In-charge Automotive Engine, Welding, Woodshop Laboratory Area
M Sc. Entrepreneureship, Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture & Technology
B.Sc. Automotive ,University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton

In-charge Computer Laboratory  Area

Msc., Informatics and Control, Coventry University, United Kingdom
B.S.T Electronics, University Of Eastern Africa. Baraton

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